DFA-QC and Drinking Liberally–together at last!

Drinking Liberally Table ImageThe Quad City Chapter of Democracy for America decided to join forces with the local Drinking Liberally group in Davenport, Iowa. So I’m sitting in a bar right now with a group of people talking about the environment and defeating Republicans in the election this fall.

We want to promote progressive candidates and the Democratic Central Committee tends to stick with the more moderate track for the widest appeal.

One of the attendees is running for state senate. The issue that he stands out on as unique is the environment, but people have told him not to post his issue on his website, because then it would be available for people to use against him.

And the primary in Iowa isn’t until June. It’s hard to take a stand prior to the selection of the candidate for the general election. The Illinois primary was last month; and for that election, the primary is often the real race. So the group is going to focus on assisting Iowa candidates.

And now the focus is turning to the Drinking Liberally part of the meeting, so I believe it’s going to become an evening of pontificating as opposed to planning.

One member is telling us about her plans to make Republican Christians explain how they can support the right-wing causes and still claim to be Christian since so many of their positions seem absolutely unChrist-like with the emphasis on intolerance and personal materialism.

Supporting racial profiling to enforce immigration laws, denying loving people the right to legally share their life and resources as they see fit through the contractual agreement we call marriage, and advocating against corporate regulation in favor of unbridled capitalism are all positions that do not stand up to the test of inclusive love that Christ promoted through his life and ministry.

Now the conversation is turning to support for Labor issues. Many of the laws are set up so that government entities must select the lowest cost bid from that provides the proper safety and quality levels. So contracts have gone to companies outside the state, outside the region even instead of local companies because they offered the lowest bid.

But officials that did that have now decided that those laws need to be changed because the lowest price is not the only factor that gives benefit to the community.

Health care is also a labor issue. Having health care supplied is not enough it must actually meet the needs of the people using it and solve their health problems, but business has complained that employees abuse the doctor choice rule when they can get second opinions until they get one the opinion they want. Everyone has an issue to complain about.


I created the draft of this post during the meeting on 25 April 2010, but my computer battery died before I could finish it. And of course, “Out of sight. Out of mind.” I forgot to finish it. So here I am tying up the loose ends. Sorry it’s not exactly timely any more, but I hope it still has value.

    • Sherry
    • May 12th, 2010

    Sounds like a superb meeting and a superb group Diane. We really need to gear up. I think there might be a chance we can get Grassley. His polls have been slipping, and are now teetering on dropping belong 50%. Fingers crossed!

    • It is a great group. The photo I abstracted is from drinking liberally a few years ago!! But we’re still at it.

      I would LOVE to be able to say both our states are represented by 2 Democrats in the Senate. I hope we can keep the governors’ offices too.

      I know Branstadt was popular while in office, but if we can sway one office, that should pull in the coat tails for the other.

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