My Feelings After Reading Books by Black Intellectuals (via Marcie Writes)

Another follow-up. As Marcie points out–white people are suspect as purveyors of black history, so I will defer to her to tell you directly her views of life in the history books–

My Feelings After Reading Books by Black Intellectuals It is truly an honor to read the works of Frederick Douglass and Ida B. Wells.  Carter G. Woodson is my favorite.  Ok, that’s the extent of my reading for now.  However, these people have left a huge impression on me, and I feel compelled to share what I know with youngsters.  Those coming behind me who are totally ignorant about their Black history. My challenge: What is the best way to present this message to them? I know it would make a differ … Read More

via Marcie Writes


    • Sherry
    • June 3rd, 2010

    Thanks for the linkup Diane, I just love this new feature on WordPress. Wish more of our fellow bloggers weren’t tied to blogger! It certainly simplifies things!

    I read a good deal of black history back in the early 70’s. Mostly pretty left wing stuff. I found it highly enlightening. It’s important to read different prospectives to get a better and clearer picture of the truth.

    • I have been thinking about switching to self-hosting, but I would miss the community features here. I wish we could have something in between. I want to use JavaScript Widgits and GoogleAdSense, but is no go for those. But self-hosting won’t allow me to stay in touch like this! Blogger allows ads I think, that’s why so many stay there.

      Guess I’ll have to have more links to my own merchandise–of course that means setting up the darn stores!! Should be easy, right, but it gets so tedious. Some people just upload an image and plaster it on every item the store offers, but then you get some crazy cropping! I have to twiddle with every design on every item to get it JUST right!!

      Thank goodness the civil rights work of the 60s started to started to change the curriculum in the 70s for women and minorities. I think back on how liberated we said we were, but how backward some things still were compared to social standards today.

      Even in the 90s I was a community organizer working to stop red-lining by race in our neighborhoods. Didn’t matter how much money you made, if you weren’t Caucasian, you didn’t get to look at the houses “above the hill”!

      Actually, the internet has been the big deal breaker with that idea!! You don’t even need a Realtor any more–of course, don’t trust your mortgage bank/lender now!!

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