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Is healthcare a right? – Reviews, News, and How To Geeks. posted another provocative post this week. In summary, the post is a clip from TheConservativePost May 14, 2009 — Andrew Wilkow, sitting in for Mark Levin, presented the most consice[sic] destruction of the liberal argument that healthcare is some sort of natural right.

The replies were abundant–7 pages worth! Unfortunately, over 20 of the replies (at least 3/page) were from one person who agreed with the clip! He spent most of his time bragging about how many gov’t programs he would NOT participate in.  I almost stopped reading the comments because of him, but I slogged through it.

So many people replied that they don’t want to support the health care system through the gov’t, but several replied supporting universal health care or offered several solutions. The naysayers even stooped to railing against immigration.

The most heinous argument for not supplying universal health care is that anyone who has an emergency can receive care to keep them alive. They fail to make note of the fact, that if you later cannot pay back the providers, you have a HUGE unpaid debt that goes on your ubiquitous credit report to the detriment of your future ability to get not only credit but a job, home insurance, and probably any insurance or even a checking account.

That’s a REAL service to the country!

Here’s what I wrote immediately on listening to the clip:

Health Care may not be a legal “Right,” but the right-wing-nuts who argue that they do not owe lazy, fat, stupid, unemployed, burden-on-society people anything, are missing the point!! And they are BIGOTS who use STEREOTYPES to keep from thinking!

Assuming that all people who cannot afford their own health care fall into ANY of the above categories is shirking responsibility to the community to help it be healthy and productive. That’s the reason businesses finally decided to pay for health care when the unions demanded it. Healthy workers make business more productive.

Healthy citizens make society more productive. We are on this planet together and we need to take care of each other to some degree if we all want to succeed.

He sounds like such an as****le that he would be mad if he was asked to supply a band-aid for a homeless child who tripped in his front yard and cut his knee while walking to school.

I bet he would get rid of public education, clean water & sewer systems, and maybe he’d like to build and maintain his own roads and streets too! And hire his own police and fire fighters? or how about his own private ambulance to take him to the hospital when he has a heart attack in his bedroom some night when he’s all alone?

The government has decided, and we have accepted, that the country needs highways, streets, sewers, water, schools, police, and fire fighting for citizens to be safe and healthy and for our economy to flourish. Having healthy citizens is just one more building block in the foundation of a successful country that we have not yet accepted as part of the government supported infrastructure.

Not everyone contributes equally to the existing systems supported by tax dollars. Some don’t contribute at all. So why should health care be any different. Health will contribute to the well-being of the entire nation in the same way that education and clean water do. And maybe then we could get away from a crisis form of healthcare into a maintenance mode and prevent the need for such expensive care for everyone and promote easier life changing ideas that people can actually afford and use.


Health care costs as a percent of GDP for OECD...
US, esp during Rep admins has the highest health care costs. Even more so than countries that have universal health care like Germany and The United Kingdom. Image via Wikipedia

So when the “I will pay my own way and not use government money so you shouldn’t either” people do start paying for their own streets, sewers, police, and the rest of the things we take for granted as part of government infrastructure for our society, I’ll agree that everyone should pay for their own health care also. But while they continue to utilize these things on a daily basis as they share them with the other people in the community, I will continue to argue with them that health care should be included in the list!

  1. Diane, some needs, including health care, are so universal they are best socialized.

    Imagine being mugged and having a woman walk uo to you and say, “I’m the response clerk from the Police Department. May I see your Police Insurance card, please? Hmmm… it seems that, since you were mugged last year, mugging is a preexixting condition. I’m afraid that we cannot dispatch an officer to intervene in this crime.”

    Police protection is socialized, as is firefighter protection.

    Our socialized education used to be the best in the world, before Republicans gutted the funding to provice more corporate welfare.

  2. Thanks Greg!

    I got a reply from the ever-present poster that I counted when reading. His reply was that everything I mentioned was handled on the state/local level and any that were handled by the fed gov were failing. Of course I informed them that the fed gov does support these programs with a lot of money. And maybe health care could be administered the same way.

    People priorities don’t seem to really be a priority for most people! When describing our national interests, Children are “our greatest asset”! but childcare workers are some of the worst paid employees! Health is one of an individuals greatest assets, but it costs so much that many cannot afford it!

    But we can go kill people in other countries that have not threatened us with anything more than words. We can spend trillions of dollars and thousands of lives for it as well as making the rest of the world lose respect for us over it.

    OK–soap box back neatly under my desk!

  3. Thank You!

    I just get so mad when they make out that we are trying to take something from them and they are not taking anything from anyone!

    I’d like to see them live on just what they make without the garbage collector, calling the police, tap water, sewer systems, & not driving on our roads!

    I realize many people do have wells and septic tanks, but they live in areas where they do not pay taxes for them, but they are still able to call the police or fire protection and drive on roads they didn’t build.

    Hypocrisy and lies irritate me more than almost anything else!

    • Sherry
    • June 16th, 2010

    Nicely done job of refuting the arguments. You make excellent points!

  4. This is the exact same view on healthcare that I have. If we can spend one trillion dollars on defense, but can’t afford to keep our citizens healthy, there is something seriously wrong. Also, our health is the most important aspect of our lives, so why should it be treated as a business, rather than a service? Your examples of sewers, streets and police are good examples of services which we are happy to have the government pay for, so why not healthcare?

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