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I just found a new website that I had to tear myself away from! Right Wing Watch

It’s unbelievable the amount of crap pumped out by the right-wing-nuts! Seeing it all in one place is enough to make a liberal cry–and then get really mad and motivated to keep speaking out!

Here’s a small sample of the headlines in just the first 2 posts:

  • Americans United: Publicly Funded Evangelical Agency Fights For Religious Discrimination.
  • County Fair: Right-wing runs with dubious claim that Obama admitted “I am a Muslim”.
  • Bruce Wilson: Angle’s Nevada PAC Promoted Crackpot Conspiracy Theories Attacking Gays, Atheists.
  • Do you know why liberals hate Sarah Plain?  Because she is beautiful.
  • Richard Land warns that “social experiments” are going to destroy America.
  • Quote of the day from the Traditional Values Coalition: “President Obama’s latest judicial nominee–I kid you not—is a defender of serial killers, rapists and child molesters. He is set to sail through the U.S. Senate, unless you act immediately.”
  • Finally, do not even think of stealing John McMillan’s yard signs (My Comment–a Must See Video!)

I was reading and reading and reading–I had to stop before I became nauseous! I just couldn’t get enough! It’s like a big old dose of whip-ass to validate my reason for writing this blog and the other projects I have going.

It’ll be my guilty little pleasure! Maybe it’ll become yours too. That is if you can “stomach” it!

  1. Thanks for this, Diane. The last time I was there (a while back) they did not have RSS. I have added it to the sites I check daily researching for PP.

  2. You’re strong – no way could I handle that site!

    • I just need some motivation once in a while–and now I have a source to find the proof I need that they are NUTS!!

    • Sherry
    • June 18th, 2010

    this is a great site, I have it in my reader and link to it often. Saves a lot of time, they work hard at collecting all the good stuff. The right is busy–busy and crazy.

  3. Haha! Good find! I suspect I will be dropping in there regularly too – though I suspect it will need to be in small doses. Too bad there is no way to comment there directly.

    Keep up the good fight….

    — hippieprof

    • Thanks!! I know what you mean.

      • You aren’t by any chance the Diane McCarthy I know from matching law research are you? There is probably about a one percent chance that you are – but I just had to ask.

        If you are not – just ignore this post…..

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