Can Bacteria Make you Smarter–Or I need to get out in the garden more!

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I subscribed to Chris Prillo’s email lists “YEARS” ago when he still lived in Iowa. Before he made it big with “Call for Help” on Tech TV–now the G4 Network. When he brought the tech sector to the midwest with his Gnomedex Conference in Des Moines, Iowa. And I subscribed because he had good information. His reviews were accurate and he made sure that he had plenty of stuff us little people could afford. And I was glad that someone didn’t have to live within a day trip of ocean breezes to be taken seriously in the business.

Well, Chris got on TV and became famous and then he moved! It was too hard to live in Iowa and be on TV. 😦 I wish he would still host Gnomedex in the MidWest, but I guess that’s not to be. I was really disappointed because I could finally afford a trip to Des Moines from Illinois and he moved it! Now I have to figure out how to afford a trip half-way across the country in addition to paying for the conference. Poor, poor, pitiful ME! I know–BOO HOO! If I were serious about being a techy I’d just make it fit in the budget. But I digress. . . .

Well Chris left us, but he still produces great info. And has expanded his brand to encompass others into the fold of the LockerGnome universe. So I still subscribe to his stuff.

The newsletters are straight forward. A list of descriptive titles with a links. Topics cover everything from free software to social issues.

So this time he’s talking about the fact that bacteria in dirt can make your brain work better. The benefit does wear off, so like any medication or supplement, you can’t just get it once like a vaccine, it needs to be refreshed by further exposure.

For a long time, I have been under the opinion that modern society’s preoccupation with avoiding germs has been bad for health in general. Now I see it may be making us even more stupid too!!

So–if I’m wondering why I feel less than brilliant lately, it must mean that it’s time to stop procrastinating and actually redo the landscaping! I got started already. I returned my front yard flower bed to its intended use–instead of a maple tree nursery. Now I have to move the sunny plants back into the sun. The tree the city planted has gotten so big that it shades most of the bed. Only one of my Asian iris bloomed this year. Last year all but one clump were still blooming profusely. Now only one plant is blooming. The leaves are thick and healthy–but flowers need sunshine.

Then I get to work in the back yard to restore the weed bed back to flowers too. And it also resembles a tree nursery. Mostly Angel of Heaven and walnut instead of maple. I wish the squirrels would remember where they hid those damn nuts in the fall!

And I need to plant the mums I bought last month before they wither away because the tiny pot full of potting soil can’t sustain them any more.

So here’s to dirt!!


I need to make an addition to this post now. Originally, I wrote this post in May! Way to get sidetracked isn’t it! I was just talking with my husband last night about this sort of thing. If I start a project and don’t finish it, I have a REALLY hard time going back to finish it. He was giving me suggestions on how to get some work around the ole homestead done this summer. His idea was to do things like “pull one weed a day” or “do one load of laundry a day” and eventually it would all be done. I told him that sounds great, but if I’m not that kind of person–I need to work until it’s done even if it kills me because I tend not to get back to it. I move on and there sits the unfinished projects piling higher and higher.

But, this story does have a happy continuance! I got all the stuff planted in the front yard that I intended. Now I even have the flower beds in back cleared our too! And they are planted with new stuff. I finished those while hubby was out-of-town and he wasn’t sure he was at the right house when he came home in the middle of the night from his trip!

I even have most things pulled out of the patio bricks–except the ever-present maple trees. No wonder my parents wanted hybrid tress with no seeds when they planned our house and yard.Sun Clip Art

I’d like to think that I’m done at that point, but I still have the little bed on the side of the house, 2 flats of potted plants, and I need to transplant the iris plants in the sun on the other side of the front steps before the shade from the tree kills them out totally. THEN there’s more TREES!!! The entire fence line in the back yard has very woody-stemmed plants growing up along it.

And as far as being smarter because I’m digging around in the dirt–I really can’t say if it’s true or not. But I do feel better! Of course that’s probably just from soaking up the sunshine. Too bad those summer mega-doses of Vitamin D don’t last forever either.

I reaffirm what I’ve said before:  I will never complain about hot weather–unless it comes without sunshine!

    • Marcie Hill
    • August 15th, 2010

    I wish I could share you enthusiasm for gardening so I’ll live vicariously through you.) I enjoyed reading this information because it gave me new bits of knowledge. And I really liked reading about your “thing” for gardening.

    • I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything for a month and a half!

      The back yard beds are no longer tree nurseries, but sometimes I can’t see the flowers because the weeds grow so fast with all the rain and hot weather we are having.

      I still need to plant a few of the things that I bought, and I have the irises and lilies to move into the sun, but all in all it looks much better around here.

    • multibrand
    • August 13th, 2010

    Hello friend,
    Thank you for following my blog on Google Friend Connect.
    I have followed you on Twitter but can’t find GFC widget to follow.
    Your blog is good looking and informative, but it would be much better if you let visitors to comment easily without login to WordPress.
    But all in all I like your blog and look forward to reading your updates.

    • Thanks for checking out my blog! I don’t know if allows GFC widgets. If I self-hosted, I could add one, but I don’t think I can here. Blogger uses GFC because it is owned by Google!

      With an account here, you can follow blogs on one page. And thanks for following me on Twitter. I’m blocked from following others right now, but when I can, I’ll follow back.

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