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I watch a lot of LinkTV, but I’ve discovered that a lot of people do not know about LinkTV. So here’s a short description of the network that I will use as a reference for people who read my posts about things I’ve learned there.

LinkTV is a non-commercial station. They get funding from donations like PBS and NPR, but without the Corporation for Public Broadcasting support. They receive money from individuals as well as grants from foundations. Here’s the statement from their funding page:


Link TV is owned and operated by Link Media, Inc., a California nonprofit corporation. Link Media is a tax exempt charitable organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Link TV is funded by generous grants from numerous foundations, as well as contributions from individual viewers. A sample list of our largest foundation supporters, past and present:

The Annenberg Foundation
Attar Supporting Organization
The Attias Family Foundation
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Doris Duke Charitable Foundation
Firedoll Foundation
The Ford Foundation
The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Kalliopeia Foundation
The Kresge Foundation
Otto Haas Charitable Trusts
The Philanthropic Collaborative
Rockefeller Brothers Foundation
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Wallace Global Fund

For a complete list of our funders, please contact the Development Department for more information. To make sure your query makes it to the right person, select Donations/Gifts under Subject.

We are grateful to all those whose critical support has made possible the first nationwide television network dedicated to providing Americans with global perspectives.

Also from the LinkTV website:

About Link TV

Link TV broadcasts programs that engage, educate and activate viewers to become involved in the world. These programs provide a unique perspective on international news, current events, and diverse cultures, presenting issues not often covered in the U.S. media.

I enjoy watching programming on this channel for many reasons. The programs often broadcast information that other media outlets either avoid or downplay. Programs come from all over the world, not just the USA so the production qualities and information is less commercially driven to engage the “perfect demographic” for advertisers. And the programs are not constantly interrupted by commercials for products I neither want nor can afford. A 2 hour special may have 3-4 breaks asking for donations, but shorter programs have none. The requests are made between shows.

Programming consists of news, music, arts, independent films, and documentaries. Few of these programs would ever appear on commercial television. Some have accused the network of being a left-wind propaganda machine, but the programming strives to tell the truth and show things that other networks do not think will attract viewers.

I hope anyone who doubts my recommendation of the network will check it out for him/herself. Many programs can be viewed via the internet if you do not have access to it via satellite TV or your cable outlet does not include it.

  1. Very interesting. I had no idea. Thanks for sharing.

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    LinkTV. An alternative to Reich Wing broadcasting from CNN & MSNBC. Thank you Ms. McCarthy

    • We get it on DirecTV. Don’t know about cable systems, but it’s another reason I won’t go back to CTV if I can help it.

  3. Thank you for this information. I had never heard of LinkTV until reading this post. Thanks again. 😉

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