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Another funny, insightful, and comprehensive post from Sherry–I wish I’d written it!!!!!!

Laughing Around the World Well, HI! Half way through another week, and on Friday I’ll be heading to town to stock up on grub. That’s what we in Iowa call food. A sack of flour, a sack of sugar, some bags of beans, some salt pork, you know the routine. Meanwhile, from my telescope on the world, I see things are still in basically a chitty mess. Everyone is babbling the same old rhetoric, the same lies are perpetrated by the same suspects, the same folks seek power at anyone … Read More

via A Feather Adrift


    • Freedom, by the way
    • April 5th, 2011

    Thanks for recently visiting my blog and subscribing. But I must admit, I’m a bit befuddled. Reding through your blog I can see that our political views are quite different. (Perhaps even opposite, but that may be too strong a word because I think most people, from conservative to liberal to libertarian, all have gray areas). However, you may be a bit like me in that you believe in well-roundedness. If we surround ourselves completely with people that think “just like us” we’ll wind up bitter, narrow-minded old ladies. HA!

    • I see I’ve been lax about checking up on my websites and responding to people. But I do get around to it eventually.

      I do believe that we should not isolate ourselves from diversity of ideas. My main disagreement with the conservative politics of this country stems mostly from the ideas promoted in the last 25-30 years that allowing business to do what ever they can get away with in the marketplace will guarantee the welfare of the entire country and all people and so claim government interference is bad. then they go out and interfere with the relationship between people and doctors (eg, abortion & birth control, medical marijuana), people and who they love (eg, same-sex marriage), people and science (eg, abstinence only sex ed, creationism in the classroom, marijuana=heroin), people and social science (eg, addicts in prison and poor people have babies for welfare). So despite the fact that they claim they don’t want government to interfere in things, they want to interject into all these things–that sounds a lot like hypocrisy to me and I have no tolerance for hypocrisy at that level. I used to think I was more of a libertarian–except for the wall-street meltdown, oil companies slowly destroying the planet — not just with carbon emissions, but by pumping the crude straight into the water, the rust-belt in the Midwest, car maker bailouts, CEOs who earn 4000 x the wage of their lowest paid employee (up from 400 x in the 60s), and union-busting that are now defining the conservative view of economic issues.

      Then there’s the mighty-mouths who churn the airwaves and make me want to jump off a bridge so I don’t have to listen to them any more.

      Oh, BTW did I mention I tend to over-explain myself?

      So–thanks for checking me out! I thought some of your posts made a lot of sense and you were likely linked to by a blog or article that I was reading and thought was also worth linking to.


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