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Is healthcare a right? – Reviews, News, and How To Geeks ;ogo

Is healthcare a right? – Reviews, News, and How To Geeks. posted another provocative post this week. In summary, the post is a clip from TheConservativePost May 14, 2009 — Andrew Wilkow, sitting in for Mark Levin, presented the most consice[sic] destruction of the liberal argument that healthcare is some sort of natural right.

The replies were abundant–7 pages worth! Unfortunately, over 20 of the replies (at least 3/page) were from one person who agreed with the clip! He spent most of his time bragging about how many gov’t programs he would NOT participate in.  I almost stopped reading the comments because of him, but I slogged through it.

So many people replied that they don’t want to support the health care system through the gov’t, but several replied supporting universal health care or offered several solutions. The naysayers even stooped to railing against immigration.

The most heinous argument for not supplying universal health care is that anyone who has an emergency can receive care to keep them alive. They fail to make note of the fact, that if you later cannot pay back the providers, you have a HUGE unpaid debt that goes on your ubiquitous credit report to the detriment of your future ability to get not only credit but a job, home insurance, and probably any insurance or even a checking account.

That’s a REAL service to the country!

Here’s what I wrote immediately on listening to the clip: Continue reading


PP101: Political Philosophy, an Overview

Image of Voting BoothI mentioned earlier that the conservatives were throwing around the words Socialist and Socialism when talking about Health Care Reform and proposed changes to the Income Tax System. I think it would be a good idea to examine just what these words mean and how they fit into the broader political Spectrum.

I won’t do it all in one post!!

I know that 1000+ words creating a solid mass of text on a computer screen is not necessarily an attractive feature. I will take the subject one piece at a time. I hope you will stick around for the entire course of my reflection.

I will compare and contrast many ideas of political and economic thought and philosophy from Capitalism to Socialism to Communism and what it means to live in a Democracy, Republic, or Dictatorship. These terms are not all mutually exclusive. You can have a Capitalistic Dictatorship and a Socialist Democracy.

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