House Democrats got more votes than House Republicans. Yet Boehner says he’s got a mandate?

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by EZRA KLEIN, The Washington Post


The political-science evidence is clear on this: There’s no such thing as an election mandate. There’s only what a president is able to get done with the Congress the American people gave him.


But few politicians agree. And so the days and weeks after elections are heavy with arguments about who has a mandate, and for what. The latest debate is about whether President Obama, who ran a campaign explicitly promising to raise taxes on high earners and who beat a candidate explicitly promising to refuse any and all tax increases, has a mandate to raise taxes.

Speaker John Boehner says he doesn’t. “Listen, our majority is going to get reelected,” he said the day before the election. “We’ll have as much of a mandate as he [President Obama] will … to not raise taxes.”


Boehner’s logic is, on its face, sound. House Republicans have been as clear in their opposition to new taxes on the rich as Obama has been in his support for them. And House Republicans were reelected. They have as much right to claim a popular mandate as the president does.


Or they would if they’d actually won more votes. But they didn’t. House Republicans did the equivalent of winning the electoral college while losing the popular vote. [MORE]

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Ben & Jerry’s + GOOD – Let’s Get the Dough Out of Politics

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Last time we checked, America was a nation founded by and for the people, not political corporate interests. To take the pricetags off our politicians, we need to take a stand against Citizens United….

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Act to Save our Democracy – Support a Constitutional Amendment to Reform Campaign Finance Laws

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It’s not news that special-interest money is increasingly making it harder for our representatives to hear or care what We the People have to say. What IS news is that we’ve just helped create a BIG step in remedying this growing problem.


Coffee Party Austin has joined a new coalition of pro-democracy groups called Texans United to Amend in creating anonline petition that asks local government entities to pass resolutions in support of a constitutional amendment. We urge you to click here to sign the petition which states:


“I urge my local government to pass a resolution that seeks an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that only human beings, not corporations, unions, or similar entities, are entitled to constitutional rights.”


Please sign the petition, forward this email to at least two Texans and ask them to sign the petition themselves and pass it on to other Texans. You can also help by sharing the petition on Facebook using the link on the confirmation page.


Polls show that the vast majority of Americans are very concerned about the largely unregulated and unlimited amounts of money used to influence local, state and national elections, so you can expect a receptive audience.


Coffee Party Austin and the Texas United to Amend coalition invite you to join the growing movement that will change our electoral system by signing the petition now.


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Republican Party Lawsuit Seeking To Make Citizens United Even Worse Is … – ThinkProgress

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By Ian Millhiser


Citizens United v. FEC gave corporations unlimited ability to spend money on elections, so long as these attempts to buy elections did not involve direct contributions to a candidate. Shortly thereafter, a lower court ushered in the era of super PACs.


To date, however, the courts have left federal limits on contributions directly to candidates or political parties largely unmolested. Under federal law, individual donations to candidates are limited to $2,500 per candidate, per election, and total contributions to candidates, political party committees and similar organizations are limited to $117,000 every two years. Thus, GOP billionaire Sheldon Adelson can currently give tens of millions of dollars to groups trying to elect Republicans that are separate from the Republican Party, but there remains a cap on how much he can give the GOP directly.


A lawsuit brought by the Republican National Committee now wants to eliminate most of these modest restrictions on election buying, and eliminate the $117,000 cap on donations by people like Adelson.


Moreover, because of a federal law that requires the Supreme Court to hear certain campaign finance cases, the Supreme Court is now almost certain to take the case — potentially handing the Republican Party their biggest Supreme Court victory since Citizens United.

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ObamaCrats. Text from page below:


What is an ObamaCrat you ask? That’s very simple to answer.

An ObamaCrat is better than being just a Democrat, see an ObamaCrat will never be disappointed with POTUS Obama, because we ObamaCrats understand it took over two hundred years, and 43 past POTUS, to fuck up America, and it will take more than just 4 years for this POTUS to clean up the mess left him by the past 43.

Us ObamaCrats, we are intelligent enough to know that cutting social programs to balance a budget, a budget that has been the monkey on America’s back since the great Depression, can NOT work. Now if you were to listen to all the
RepubliCANT’S/teabaggers/racists/rednecks/white supremacists/left wing-nuts/right wing-nuts/GOP party members….you would swear POTUS Obama created this deficit the second he was sworn in….you’d just know all of America’s ill’s, were his direct…

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I received this from a friend. The three maps show where there was slavery, racism in the 1950’s and currently. I was shocked so here I am again having my say. There is a movie coming out called Lincoln. I was able to go to see the sneak peak and it was one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. It is also based upon the book, “ A Team of Rivals.” I am reading the book now.

Despite what people these days may think, Lincoln was not a really popular President. The Secret Service was started during his administration. He was walking alone one night and someone took a shot at him and there was a bullet hole in his stovepipe hat. I am very glad they missed.

He wrote and delivered the Emancipation Proclamation and he also got the thirteenth amendment to the Constitution written…

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Interior approves first phase of 146-mile high-voltage transmission line

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The Obama administration says the project will improve the grid; environmentalists say it will harm public lands.


This is the kind of debate that should be going on in Congress or some public forum so voters can be informed. (By the way, I support the power line as necessary.)

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